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Conference Overview The International Council for Educational Media (ICEM) is an international organisation that brings together global expertise in the field of educational technology. Its annual conference is an interdisciplinary forum that provides opportunities for educators, researchers, media producers, and practitioners to meet and debate issues that relate to educational technology. We invite you to participate in this prestigious event and submit your paper, poster for presentation and participate in roundtable discussions and workshops. The conference will take place in Singapore and is organised by the Nanyang Technological University, in collaboration with the International Council for Educational Media.

The 63rd Annual Conference: International Council for Educational Media (ICEM) 2013 is a major international academic event, and NTU has the pleasure of hosting international scholars and educational elites from many academic backgrounds to present their work, share valuable information, and network through discussion and tours. In addition to this event we are hosting the 8th International LAMS and Learning Design Conference 2013, Innovations in Teaching Seminar 2013.

Conference Date and Location
Date: 1 - 4 October 2013
Location: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore